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Elizabeth Brown, MS, RD, CDE, CPT (a.k.a. The Kitchen Vixen)ElizabethBrown3-11 228

is a Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer, Certified Holistic Chef, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Weight Management Specialist with a personal and career emphasis in Sports Nutrition. Since 1998 she has conducted more than 100 live cooking demos and expert interviews on nationally syndicated stations such as CBS, ABC & NBC. She even appeared as a guest chef on the TBS show Dinner and a Movie. Most recently she’s been seen conducting live cooking demos for Fox News. Her Demo Reel, interviews & cooking show pilot can be seen on her website along with some of her other educational videos. www.TheKitchenVixen.com

Elizabeth has been a regular contributor to Oxygen, a fitness magazine for women as well as for their sister publication, Clean Eating magazine. She has been creating recipes and writing nutrition related content for these publications since the beginning of 2010. Elizabeth has also contributed weekly recipes and expert advice as “The Kitchen Vixen” for a running website: www.WalkJogRun.com. She has also been a weekly contributor as the “Kitchen Vixen” for the Santa Monica Daily Press newspaper since 2008. But as far back as 1997, Elizabeth began her writing career with Rodale Press, publishers of Men’s Health, Prevention and Runner’s World. Through her Rodale connections, Elizabeth helped write the book, Banish Your Belly and was also the featured grocery shopping expert for Men’s Health magazine. In fact, it was during her stint with Men’s Health magazine, that Greg Gutfeld, of Fox News, gave Elizabeth her Kitchen Vixen name.
Elizabeth has received strong accolades for her writing. An Oxygen magazine reader raved about her curry peanut soup for its ease of preparation, hearty flavor, and low cost for minimal calories. But this is nothing new for Elizabeth because she creates all of her hundreds of recipes with these same goals. Another reader felt the need to write in twice to tell the Oxygen editorial team how much she “LOVED” the brain food menu and that by following it, she was able to drop the last few pounds she had been trying to lose for several weeks. And one other reader “just had to write” and let the editors know how “fantastic” the Mango Barbeque sauce was. She went on to say that it was “easy to make” and she put it on her veggie burrito, and on her morning egg and bean burrito instead of salsa. She “found it gratifying to know that it’s much cheaper, infinitely healthier and even significantly yummier than anything you can find in the store.”
Elizabeth has been blessed with a lucrative writing career, whereas most writers seek writing assignments, for Elizabeth, the writing assignments, or at least the editors, find her. She began writing for Oxygen magazine when the nutrition editor found Elizabeth’s website, liked her writing voice, her nutrient dense recipes and her flavorful way of educating the public about nutrition, and asked Elizabeth if she would like to write for Oxygen. A few years later, another editor found Elizabeth and offered her a book deal to write a diet/cookbook in her own vernacular.
As a featured writer & recipe creator for Oxygen and Clean Eating magazines, Elizabeth is often asked how she creates her yummy recipes and what inspires her unique writing style. Elizabeth replies, “I love to write stories that really paint a picture for the readers and inspires them to make optimal food choices.” She wants people to understand what food does for their bodies and how to choose foods that make them feel their best at all times. Elizabeth teaches her readers and viewers how to plan and prepare delicious and nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day and not just for dinner. Using food as fuel has helped Elizabeth maintain her high school weight while pursuing her dream to develop and host her own cooking show; a dream she envisioned at the young age of 18 when she began studying for her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.
Writing for various publications and sharing her knowledge and recipes with hundreds of thousands of people has given Elizabeth the motivation she needs to keep reaching for the stars. But it’s her nutrient dense diet that has really given her the energy and the mental fortitude to never give up.
As an avid athlete, Elizabeth exercises daily, enjoying activities such as weight lifting, running, and cycling. Throughout her 20+ year fitness career she has worked as a personal trainer and has competed in body building, powerlifting and marathons. Elizabeth also worked as a fitness model including work with famous fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Belle. Through this work Elizabeth was immortalized in a bronze statue with The Franklin Mint.
After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Penn State University with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology, Elizabeth then went on to obtain her Master of Science in Nutrition with an emphasis in Weight Management and Sports Nutrition, from Marywood University. Her graduate research involved the study of Water in Weight Management. Elizabeth received her culinary degree from The Bauman School for Holistic Nutrition in Santa Cruz, California with an emphasis on maximizing the function and application of “whole foods” and their disease fighting properties. Elizabeth has worked as both a personal and private chef for various clients in Northern and Southern California. Peter Koral, owner of Seven for All Mankind jeans, and former client, has this to say, “Elizabeth’s food not only tastes wonderful but also makes you feel incredible.”
Elizabeth has counseled and trained more than 10,000 clients in her 20 plus year career including political figures, celebrities, professional athletes, physicians, college professors (even her own teachers became clients), and of course thousands of people dealing with issues such as Weight Management, Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Eating Disorders, just to name a few. Throughout her career, and even prior to starting her formal education, Elizabeth developed and taught Weight Management and Diabetes programs for underserved populations. She has also developed and conducted sports specific nutrition programs for high school and college athletes in every sport from gymnastics to ice hockey.
Elizabeth’s goal has always been to motivate and educate the public about the health benefits of optimal nutrition and daily physical activity. Whether conducting television interviews, cooking demos, group lectures, one-on-one counseling or training or helping people make ideal choices in the grocery store, she strives to achieve her goal each & every day