SHOES + Whole Foods = Perfect Together!

imageThe two things I Love: Shoes & Whole Foods.

These are honestly the two things on which I love to spent my money; haute couture foot ware & haute cuisine. But in either case, I RARELY pay RETAIL. I find the most amazing deals on foot ware on eBay, especially through an eBay store called APPARELSAVE. And I buy only WHOLE FOOD ingredients at Whole Foods, rarely anything processed. So although I love high end items, I don’t pay premium prices.

Something I dislike about consumerism overall though, is waste. After some recent APPARELSAVE purchases, I was left with empty shoe boxes, many of which I use in my storage cubicles, some I use for storing extra toiletries & now I found the best use of all.

If you choose the right sized shoebox, you can use it as a sturdy base for your reuseable bags to secure your food purchase, OR better yet, you can use the shoebox as a base for your LUNCH BAG. Reuseable bags are perfect for holding my stainless steel water bottles, smoothies & protein rich salads; items I generally take for my daily sustenance. So, in a nutshell, buy shoes from APPARELSAVE & PREMIUM ingredients from WHOLE FOODS & use everything!image

If you find you have shoes you never wear, resell on eBay at Linda’s Stuff. You get 62% of the selling cost, plus they pay your shipping to them. It’s totally WIN-WIN. I ❤️Linda’s Stuff