Lose 10 pounds for $10 and all the food you can eat!

I bought a rainbow at the 99 cent store…
I know I’ve touted this 99 cent store on many occasions but I just had to do it again. I am just so grateful for such a place. No matter what happens in life, you always have to take care of yourself to the best of your abilities, and being able to stock a fridge for around $20 is just unheard of in this day and age. And to be able to stock it with a rainbow of colors and nutrition is even more of an anomaly.
So here is just an example of what we here in Santa Monica, well, Venice, CA, to be exact, can buy at our local 99 cent store.
3 yellow squash $1
1 pound of organic mixed salad greens $1
1/2 pound of organic spinach $1
1 pint of grape tomatoes $1
1 ½ pound bag of cocktail cucumber $1
(I never had these before but if you like cucumbers, you will LOVE these!)
1 ½ pound bag of Braeburn apples $1
1 ½ pound bag of navel oranges $1
1 pound bag of kiwis $1
1/2 pint of blackberries $1
1 bunch of celery $1
2 pound bag of carrots $1
1 pound bag of white onions $1
5 bulbs of garlic $1
1 pound bag of limes $1
3 lemons $1
1/2 gallon of aseptically packaged, shelf stable soy milk $1
12 oz package of extra firm Mori-Nu tofu $1
3 pound bag of red potatoes $1
1 pound bag of lentils $1
1 pound bag of brown rice $1
3 cans tuna $2.70
1 pound bag flax seeds $1
1 pound jar of organic salsa $1
That’s over 27 pounds of food for just under $25.
You can literally make a week’s worth of food using all of these ingredients for an average of 1,557 calories with 78g of protein, 237g of carbs, 73g of fiber & 33g of fat with 12,470mg coming from Omega-3 fats & a ratio of 0.5:1 of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats. The desired ratio is < 4:1. Plus this diet provides 450% of the DV for vitamin A, vitamin C & manganese, more than100% for all other vitamins and minerals except 70% for Zinc, 55% for calcium, 40% for vitamin E, and 30% for vitamin D & B12.
So you see, with just a few foods and few dollars, and some motivation, you can eat extremely well, have lots of energy and still lose weight; at least 1 pound per week depending on your activity.
That same $1 spent at any one of those fast food traps will yield well into the 600 calorie range, extrapolate that to $25 spent over an entire week and we’re talking about at least 15,000 calories or more than a 4 pound weight gain in a week. Hey, it can happen. So spend your money and your time…wisely!