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OXYGEN has given me new life!
I apologize for my lack of articles for the past few months.All of the 90+ articles found on this site were created for the Santa Monica Daily Press newspaper.Thank you to Kevin Herrera, my editor for giving me the opportunity to write for the newspaper for the past two and half years. And thank you also to Krystyn Hall owner of Krizzy Designs, who made my blog into this beautiful website were I can showcase my articles and videos in a user friendly way. Because of these two people, the nutrition editor for Oxygen Magazine, Helen Vong, read my articles, liked my writing style and creative recipes and in January 2010, asked me to write for OXYGEN magazine.

I remember the day I received the email from Helen, January 22, 2010, which read, “Hi from Oxygen!”  Helen went on to tell me that she was seeking new writers and had been following my blog and that my sports nutrition expertise fit well with their magazine.
At first I thought, is this some kind of joke or spam or something to get me to visit another site? I honestly didn’t take it seriously at first, well, for about a second. And then I thought, “Well, why not me?”
Ironically, while traveling in October 0f 2009, I bought every health and fitness magazine I could find at the airport newsstand with the intention of contacting each and every nutrition editor in the hopes of gaining their interest and then possibly submitting some writing samples to then, hopefully, write for a magazine. That’s how it usually works anyway.
Well, I never contacted anyone, as it turns out, someone found me. Perhaps just by buying those magazines  and putting out my intentions, the universe found Helen, and OXYGEN for me. I couldn’t think of a better fit too. The OXYGEN editors and readers like the same kind of clean and healthy eating I promote.  I have been writing for OXYGEN since February. My first article appeared in the July issue of Oxygen and it was on “The Fittest Oils.” I was also one of the featured writers for that issue.That same month, the annual “Glutes” issue was released and my article “Seven Days to a beauty booty” came with it. In August my chocolate mint protein shake, from my video, was the “Shake of the Month.” For the September issue I developed six high protein bars/snacks and wrote pertinent nutrition information about the ingredients which is what I love to do most! At the end of July, I finished my article on “Leafy Greens” which is due out in November and today, in fact, I am working on the Holiday Issue on immunity boosting foods.
Aside from working 3-4 days per week as a Dietitian in a Physical Therapy Rehab Hospital and fitting in my intense workouts, writing for Oxygen takes up a good chunk of time and therefore, I have not been able to add to my on-line articles in quite some time. I hope to get something out this week though, after I finish this assignment.
In the meantime, I will also be applying for The Next Food Network Star, season 7. I have applied every single year since the contest’s inception. I really thought I would have been given an opportunity by now. But not so, not yet anyway. As I always say, if it’s not hard, it’s not worth doing. Nothing in life worthwhile comes easy. Don’t ever give up on your dreams…I won’t.
Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I have missed your articles. I guess I’m going to have to subscribe to Oxegen to read more of what you have to offer.

  2. What an awesome opportunity! So glad it’s working so well for you.

  3. Keep up the great work, Elizabeth!