A rhyme a day keeps the excess pounds away! by Elizabeth Brown, MS, RD

Beans, Greens, Eggs and Jeans?!

I’ve been helping people lose weight and get in shape for more than 22 years. I’ve seen clients who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on weight loss products, surgery and exercise equipment. But the things I advocate most for achieving a healthy weight are actually quite simple and inexpensive. The basic information for long term weight management is so simple that it reminds me of the lessons we get from children’s nursery rhymes. To help you remember the basic elements, I’ve written a rhyme of my own. And it goes a little something like this…

When you can no longer fit in your gold standard jeans it’s time to start eating beans, eggs and greens. Not Green Eggs and Ham as Doctor Seuss would propose. I mean after all, was he a qualified doctor as we all suppose? Perhaps not a doctor of medicine, but a PhD of prose. Who knows? While I am an expert of nutrition, weight control and fitness, but not of nursery rhymes, I’ll confess.

So, let’s get to the means.
Why “Beans, Greens, Eggs & Jeans?”

Why? Because there-in are the three most perfect foods you can eat.
Sweet, it’s finally complete.
And jeans are the gold standard for monitoring your weight.
Do something now before it’s too late.
If your jeans don’t fit, you can no longer sit.
You must get up, move your legs and choose to eat more beans, greens and eggs.
But you ask, “What makes Beans, Eggs and Greens so keen(s)?”

Well, I’ll tell you. First of all, they are cheap and easy. Not me. But the food? You bet.
Beans, greens, and eggs are the most nutrient dense bang-for-your-buck foods you can get.
They are also some of THE best sources of ‘Anti-ox-i-dants,’ the disease fighting properties developed by plants.
Developed to protect them from the el-ements; such as predators, wind, and sun
YOU make them too when you do things like RUN
But the plants give us more. So vegetables you can not abhor
The more you eat. The more the Antioxidant foes will retreat
When we eat the plants, they in-turn protect us from the ‘el-ements’
And also, more importantly, from ‘Free Radical’ harm.
They police our bodies just like the long arm.
They jump in the way, they save the day.
By giving up an electron or two, well, at least one.
Antioxidants allow us to enjoy life, live long and have fun.
They stop the ‘Free Radicals’ from a life of crime.
By donating an electron Antioxidants buy us time.
They slow the aging process. They prevent disease.
They can bring death defying Cancer right down to its knees.
They lessen the severity of a cold. They weaken the wheeze.
You know these products, Vitamin C and Cold-eeze.
When dosed really hard they halt the sneeze.
But more often than not, Antioxidants from food is what’s hot.

Anti-ox-i-dents are ‘non-essential’ nutri-ents.
Not all are needed for life. No, they’re not all necessary.
But without them all in your life you best be wary.
You’ll be more at risk for diseases gone awry and in no time life will just pass you by.
If quality of life is what you seek, then eat Antioxidant rich foods, eat tons every week.
They’re made by plants I hope this is clear.
They’re also made by our bodies. By our bodies, do you hear?
But how can that be? You ask this of me.
Wait. Don’t run away yet. I’ll answer. Don’t flee.

What causes our body’s Antioxidants to rise?
I’ll tell you, just listen. It’s called exercise.
I know you’re surprised. It’s what you despise.
But in the end you’ll see it’s worth the compromise.
Hip-hip hooray and “Yay!” You say.
As you wait to hear more. Provided I don’t bore
I will tell you the whole story. Don’t be afraid. It’s not gory.
I can sense that you are sitting on the edge of your seat.
But don’t sit, instead please jump to your feet.
You see, because exercise makes Antioxidants. Neat!
Yes, exercise can also enable you to make your own Antioxidant treat.
“Yuck,” you say. “I can’t exercise everyday.”
But one day you shall and you should.
If you would. If you could.
You’ll feel great, you’ll live longer, as your muscles grow and your body gets stronger.
Until you are able, get your ‘Antioxidants’ at the table.
So quit whining and start dining on the feast that is more plant and less beast.

Start your day with beans, eggs and greens.
Break your fast and fit into your jeans
Two pasture raised eggs
3 cups fresh spinach
1/4 cup salsa
1/2 cup black beans
Heat, eat and enjoy feeling replete!
That’s the end, and the means!
315 calories, 25g protein, 13g fiber